Each of these seemingly straightforward ideas have a near infinite amount of small decisions to get just right. There are faster ways to get milk into the fridges of our fans just like there are ways to bring more of it to them. But that doesn’t always mean it’s more delicious.

Same goes for all of our products – if it doesn’t make your foods taste better, or make buying them a better experience, we don’t do it, plain and simple. That’s why our recipes taste largely the same way they did over 75 years ago when we started in 1940. It was the Guernsey Difference then too.

Produce exceptional products, maintain quality and provide excellent service in delivering them to customers.

That’s the philosophy founder John McGuire built Guernsey on in 1940 when he wanted nothing more than to make and deliver good milk to his family and friends. 75 years and a few generations of McGuires later, it’s that same simple philosophy that has made Guernsey Farms Dairy one of the oldest family-owned dairy processors in Southeast Michigan. For all that has changed over the years, one thing has always stayed the same: as long as the McGuire family is around, you can bet great dairy will be too.

Spilled milk worth crying over!

Every Guernsey recipe starts the same way: at local farms with happy cows. That’s why we go to such great lengths to work only with farms that treat their cows with the utmost respect and concern for their wellbeing. Because we’ve got the happiest cows – we’ve got the best tasting milk. And because we’ve got the best tasting milk, we’ve got the best tasting dairy products. Small batch sizes, local ingredients and 24 hour processing make what you get from our happy cows all the tastier.

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